Website updates log

This page lists all significant updates of new information or links. (I will not list minor changes such as fixing spelling and other editorial clean up)

9/23/2022 - Added Seattle's program using cargo ebikes for sidewalk cleaning crews and Wired article about delivery fleets to the Fleets page. Added article about San Diego ebike loan program to Incentive Programs page

9/19/2022 - Added lending library programs in Buffalo, NY, Niagara Falls NY, Pacoima CA and Durham NC to the Incentive Programs page and Shared Mobility Inc. to the lending library section of the Policy & Program Options page

9/13/2022 - Added PG&E Induction cooker loan program to the E-building programs page

9/2/2022 - Added Saris ebike charging rack options to Secure Bike Parking page. Added Bloomberg article about increasing electric vehicle battery recycling capacity to the Battery page. 

9/1/2022 - Added Tunnels and 511's map page to the San Francisco Bay Area pedal & e-bike information page

8/29/2022 - Added Vermont statewide ebike incentive program to E-Bike Incentive Programs page. Also noted the increase to $4,000 for French swap a car for an ebike program and added the Lithauanian subsidy of €1,000 for purchase of an ebike and transit credit in exchange for scrapping a car.

8/24/2022 - Added more info on parking availability at transit stations to the Secure Parking section on SF Bay Area info page. Added BiKeep self locking rack and locker vendor and sectino on Bike Stations to the Secure Bike Parking Facilities

Updated the income limits on the Scrap a clunker for ebikes grant page.

8/19/2022 - Added BART Elevator Dimension guide (for cargo bikes, tandems and other long bikes) to Bikes on Transit section of SF Bay Area info page and expanded description of BikeLink with info & link on how to search for "BikeLink" in GoogleMaps.

8/17/2022 - Updated Scrap a clunker for ebikes grant page. Updated requirements (2005 model year) and fixed broken links from BAAQMD website changes

8/16/2022 - Added two new studies to the Studies page: "Using E-Bike Purchase Incentive Programs to Expand the Market" and "Metro Active Transportation Return On Investment Study"

8/15/2022 - Added info on USPS mail delivery by bike fleets to Fleets page.

8/11/2022 - Added Cycling Made E-asy free lending library in the UK and more info on Veligo Location €40/ month ebike lending library program in France for the Incentive Programs listings (and updated several other program listing)

8/1/2022 - Added Secure Bike Parking page

8/1/2022 - Started this changelog.