Keep It In The Ground

The science is clear. If we burn all of the oil and gas and coal that the fossil fuel companies have identified already, the earth is toast. We need to keep it in the ground. This is a critical complement to all of the efforts to reduce our usage of fossil fuels. If we only work on reducing our consumption of fossil fuels, the price of fossil fuels will drop and others less concerned about the climate will be incentivized to burn that cheap energy. We need to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are being extracted as we reduce our demand. 

How do we do that? Stop the bank lending and government subsidies that support the drilling, fracking and mining and stop construction of the pipelines to transport fossil fuels from the wells.  

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Stop Line 3

Line 3 is a pipeline under construction in Minnesota to carry tar sands - the most polluting form of fossil fuels - from Canada to refineries in the United States. In addition to its horrific climate impact, Line 3's planned route violates indigenous treaty rights as it crosses through many vital hunting grounds, streams, watersheds, and wild rice lakes. It endangers the water supply of millions of  Americans as it crisscrosses the Mississippi River. A leak could be devastating. 

Stop Line 3 indigenous women protest.JPG

Take Action

President Biden could stop the Line 3 project with executive action as he did Keystone XL.

Write President Biden to ask him to cancel the Line 3  permit.

Go to the frontlines to support the water protectors in Minnesota.

Stop the Money Pipeline - join the campaign to demand that banks, asset managers, insurance companies and institutional investors stop funding, insuring and investing in pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure leading to climate destruction.

Find more actions you can take from anywhere - donate, educate, divest, organize . 

Learn more at

I also highly recommend the On-Ramps for the Movement to Stop Line 3 whether you are just trying to do learn more and do a little bit from home far away or are ready for the frontlines or somewhere in between.