About the ClimateAction Center


We believe that we can collectively solve the climate emergency with a combination of personal and political actions. Our individual changes in our daily life, will not alone solve the crisis. But in changing how you get around and how you power your home, you can spur bigger change as you demonstrate a better way to others, giving them hope and a constructive way to engage, as it changes the way you look at the world. Ideally it gives you a firmer personal base to engage in the bigger structural changes that are needed to slow, down and ultimately reverse, the deterioration of our climate and stop the increase in destructive floods, heat waves, hurricanes, droughts, and other climate amplified disasters. 


Ending our use of fossil fuels that pumps climate changing gases into the atmosphere and nurturing our forests and soils that  pull those climate changing gases back out is a huge task that we are pulling off by concerted action at many levels. At the top we are pushing national and international collaboration. At the bottom we are supporting each other with neighborhood mutual aid. Everywhere in between we are testing out creative new city and state policies and challenging corporate behavior. Find the levels and the kind of actions that use your skills and that energize you. 

The focus on e-bikes and building electrification here does not imply that these are the only or necessarily most critical personal changes or policy efforts to undertake. We do think they can be impactful, that they are important pieces of the puzzle, accessible to everyone as an entry to meaningful climate action and usefully subversive as they also connect you more to your surroundings and change how you look at your world.  


The ClimateAction Center is a project by Tom Lent  (LinkedIn profile)

to provide ideas and connections to help you engage in ending the climate crisis


The e-bike section of this website is part of the E-Bike 1000 MPG Project - a project of Walk Bike Berkeley 

which in turn is fiscally sponsored by Bike East Bay.



We are pleased to support or collaborate with the good work of the following organizations & programs:

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