E-bikes are simple


​You select how much support you want from the motor. Handlebar mounted screen also tells you speed and miles left in the battery.

e-bike controller on handlebar.JPG

Powers the motor for anywhere from 20-80 miles.


Automatically senses when you pedal and immediately quietly helps you push. May be located in the middle between the pedals or in the front or back wheel hub.

e-bike charger.jpg

Plugs into regular wall outlet.  Recharges battery in 2-5 hours

for less than a penny a mile.

E-bikes come in many flavors- e-cargo bikes for carrying kids & stuff, e-trikes, recumbents. folding, and mountain e-bikes

trike recumbent fat.jpg
e-trike upright.jpg
folding e-bike.jpg
Saris cargo trash e-bike.jpg

How to select & outfit an e-bike:

  • Intro to e-bikes (factsheet) A brief description and FAQ on e-bikes. Aimed at introducing newcomers to the concept of an e-bike and answering basic questions about how they work.

  • Buyers Guide to selecting an Ebike - which components matter?  Confused by all the options? (hub or middrive? torque or cadence sensor? battery size?) This guide explains the different parts of an ebike and how to decide which options are right for you

  • Outfitting & protecting your e-bike (factsheet) A list of important accessories to purchase with a new bike and reminders about insurance. Designed for use as a shopping checklist to get everything needed to ride safely and protect and maintain the bike. Also see the Security Section of the Owners Guide page for selecting locks.

  • E-Bike Buyers & Owners Guide (23 page PDF, last updated 8/30/21) An in depth discussion of e-bikes covering a wide range of issues for understanding, selecting, buying, protecting, insuring, and maintaining e-bikes​

Reviews Links to reviews of new bikes and other bike news from a dozen major bike and sports magazines and websites.


Stories & Blogs Tales from riders about what it is like to ride an e-bike and how it can change your life, as well as blogs about maintaining and upgrading your bike and about policies to help more people get on e-bikes. Plus ways you can help share your story 

Discounts & Rebates & Tryouts Programs around the world that can help you afford an ebike

You can help the researchers design subsidy programs that will work for you.

FAQ Our growing collection of the questions people ask: Cost? Rebates?  Good or the environment? How far & how fast? What about theft? Is it cheating?


Owner's Guide How to ride & take care of your e-bike ... and keep it safe from theft. 


San Francisco Bay Area - where can I buy? where can I ride? Bikes on transit?

​To find e-bike dealers, bikeshare systems and info on where you can ride, places to safely park and the rules and hints for bikes on transit systems, see the San Francisco Bay Area e-bike info page​