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Bike Stories

Tales of riding, advice & other blogs, plus how you can help spread the joy

Tales of the joy (and challenges) of e-bike riding, plus more. 
Have a story to share about e-biking?  We want to hear it. Send us a note in the Contact form below.

Be an ambassador for e-bikes. See Spread the Joy below for flyers you can give to people who ask you about your e-bike.

Stories & Experiences 

Advice, Insight & Perspectives  

  • E-bike Impacts - Facebook feed of e-bike news & reviews. 

  • War On Cars - Only occasionally explicitly about e-bikes, but we couldn't resist pointing you to this is excellent podcast examining the challenges of our car culture and the joy of cycling.    

  • Average Joe Cyclist - Product reviews, news, and advice about ebikes."We love our electric bikes, because they make cycling possible for average people – not just the lean, young, and fit minority."

  • Electric Bikes Forum - Open Q&A forum between e-bike riders. The largest number of threads are on eMountain bike issues but there are other discussions on commuters, folding, cargo recumbent and others. 

  • - An emphasis on DIY but with plenty of articles of broader interest.

  • Motherload - Documentary "about how cargo bikes will save the world."

  • Endless Sphere - DIY Electric Vehicles blog with a large section on Electric Bicycle and others on electric scooters, skateboards, motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs,watercraft and airplanes

Help us spread the word about the joys (and climate power) of e-bikes: 

Download and print out these flyers and hand them out to people to spread the word:   


E-bikes - pedal with a boost (pdf) Quick facts about e-bikes and a link and QR code to this website. Print it out to share with people when you talk about your e-bike. 8 wallet size 2 sided handouts per sheet.

For users in the SF Bay area, use E-bike mini-handout - SF Bay This is the "E-bikes - pedal with a boost" wallet sized handout with added reference and link to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's CCFA subsidy program

Also be sure to use the CCFA flyer (2 page PDF) about the program. 

Thank you for riding an E-bike  (pdf) Use this to help others who ride e-bikes know how good their ride is and encourage them to be an ambassador for e-bikes. Also includes an invitation to join our citizen science e-bike monitoring program. 6 small 2 sided handouts per sheet.

Intro to e-bikes (pdf) is a full size (8-1/2X11) 2 sided flyer with a brief description and FAQ on e-bikes. Aimed at introducing newcomers to the concept of an e-bike and answering basic questions about how they work.

For posting this flyer on an easel, there is a larger 4 page version that enlarges the flyer 140% and turns it in to four landscape orientation sheets that you can assemble on a table or easel posterboard.

For users in the SF Bay Area, use E-bike flyer - SF Bay This version includes links to Bay area specific subsidies and info where you can go with an e-bike


Share your story:

We would love to hear your story about how cycling has changed your life to share here and inspire others. We can keep it as anonymous as you would like. First name and your state only? Fine. Use the form below to tell me your story and I will share it here.


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