San Francisco Bay Area pedal & E-bike information

Dealers & Incentives

If you have an old car you are ready to scrap, you may be able to trade your clunker for $7,5000 towards e-bikes & transit

E-bikes in Bikeshare

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Route Planning

Check out the Bike East Bay Route Planning page for lots of tips on how to plan your route and map sources. 

Secure Parking

Secure bike parking is offered at many transit stations throughout the Bay area (BART, Caltrain, SMART, Amtrak, and many more) and near libraries and other facilities around the Bay area and beyond. You may use these whether you are using transit or just shopping or meeting in the area. Most are either free or very cheap (3-5 cents  per hour). A few are attended and can be used walk up. The others require a BIkeLink card or Clipper card to access.

  • BikeLink map & explanation of bike lockers throughout the Bay area, plus locations in Davis, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Tahoe Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Las Vegas, Utah, St Louis, & Burlington VT, 

  • BikeHub for Bart, Caltrain, LA Express & Sacramento - These systems offer valet bike parking and repair services at select stations. 

Where can I ride? 

In many areas, e-bikes can go wherever regular bikes are allowed. Parks, however, sometimes have more restrictions.

  • Bay Trail: The Bay trail is generally open to all bicycles throughout, but local restrictions may apply in certain parks. Always, always, be a good ambassador for e-bikes when you ride on the Bay Trail. Slow way down around pedestrians and when passing pedal cyclists. Use your bell or call out when approaching.

  • Bridges: Six of the region’s toll bridge spans host direct bicycle and pedestrian access, and no toll is charged for these users. Check out the Bay Trail FAQ on bridges to learn more. 

  • Parks: While e-bikes may travel on any park road open to cars, not all trails are open to bikes and not all trails open to regular bikes are open to e-bikes. These rules are evolving. Check with the park before you ride.  Always, always be a good ambassador for e-bikes when you ride on trails. Keep it slow and use your bell or call out when approaching pedestrians or horses.  

    • East Bay Regional Parks - As of March 3, 2019, Class I and II eBikes are allowed on select park trails: Alameda Creek Trail (paved only), Big Break Trail, Contra Costa Canal Trail, Delta De Anza Trail, George Miller Trail, Iron Horse Trail, Lafayette Moraga Trail, and Marsh Creek Trail.

    • MCBC E-bike policies in Marin County - listing of parks and their ​restrictions

  • Transit: Most (but not all) buses allow both pedal and e-bikes. Rack space is first come first served. Racks and elevators generally do not fit longer cargo bikes, tricycles, recumbents, trailers, or tandems. If the agency allows bikes and does not explicitly disallow e-bikes, we assume they allow e-bikes. Follow the link to learn the specific rules for each agency before you ride.  See also the Bike East Bay Bikes on Transit guide