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Ebike reviews

Caveat emptor: ClimateAction Center does not receive any compensation for links to other publications or manufacturers from this website. You should assume, however, that the bike review sites listed below do get compensated for reviews or clickthrus unless they state otherwise.

Ebike options: Confused about Class 1 vs Class 2 vs Class 3? Mid-drive vs hub motors? Battery size & more?

Read our Ebike Options guide to understand which components are right for you.

  • Electric Bike Review (EBR) - Best Electric Bikes (updated regularly) mega review site covering literally 1000s of e-bikes in all categories with compare feature. Also has a EBR YouTube Channel YouTube Channel with hundreds of e-bike video reviews

  • - Best electric bikes for every ride and budget (updated regularly) with suggestions in various classes, such as apartment dweller, cheap, folding, e-cargo, heavy loads, fast, and big climbs. also provides individual new e-bike reviews and articles on buying, owning and riding

  • CleanTechnica - Best E-Bikes You Can Buy in 2023 In addition to this article of their picks for different uses, CT reviews many ebikes as they come on the market.

  • Tom's Guide - The best electric bikes (updated regularly)

  • C|Net - Best electric bike (updated regularly)

  • Forbes - Best electric bikes (updated annually)

  • Wired Buying GuideBest Electric Bikes for Every Kind of Ride The Best Electric Cargo Bikes for Families (updated regularly)

  • Cycling Weekly - Best Electric Bikes (updated regularly) Cycling Weekly is aimed at bicycle racing - road and gravel. This review focuses on Road, Hybrid & Folding bikes. UKcentric, but most brands covered are available in the US also.

  • - Reviews of dozens of e-bikes in all categories, plus lots of FAQs and information on converting a regular bike to an e-bike.

  • CycleVolta - Lots of reviews of e-bikes and accessories, plus some coverage of other micromobility, and electric motorcycles and tips on basics of buying, riding and maintaining an e-bike.

  • Electrek - Yet more reviews & news about e-bikes (and everything else in electric transportation) including an interesting July 2022 guide to best electric bikes you can buy at every price level.

  • Electric Bike Report - E-bike news, reviews, rider stories, guides, and more.

  • BikeRadar - Reviews of e-bikes, issues and advice. UK based but covers many brands that are available in the US and elsewhere

  • Autoevolution - Reviews of ebikes and bike trailers.

  • Consumer Reports - Best Electric Bikes From Consumer Reports' Tests (updated annually) This link is included for completeness, but frankly their review is still disappointing. As of 2023, CR is still behind the curve on e-bike reviewing. They have now made good ebike specific testing categories, but their minimal text description still don't give much clue as to the pros and cons of each of the rated ebikes. And they still do not not yet cover cargo bikes. I expect more from CR. Their Electric Bike Buying Guide, however, provides a good discussion of how to think about shopping for, comparing and buying an ebike


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