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EBike Monitoring Project

Do you ride an ebike? 

Curious about how much energy it uses? 

Want bragging rights on how you are contributing to beating the climate crisis? 

Join the Ebike Monitoring Project to find out.


The Ebike Monitoring Project is assessing the role ebikes can play to help address the climate crisis. This is a citizen science project in which e-bike riders measure the electricity they use to charge their e-bike and submit it along with mileage data for analysis by volunteer Project staff. Participants get a full report on their bike's performance.

Find out how well your e-bike performs. Join the study.

See the results to date and learn more about how to participate at the Ebike Monitoring Project

Ready to go and just want to register your bike?  Go direct to the online Ebike Monitoring Project Registration site 

The Ebike Monitoring Project is part of the SciStarter citizen science network.

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