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Kickstart our government & corporations into action to stop the climate crisis

Riding a bike or e-bike and converting your house to all electric is important. We all need to do what we can in our individual lives to reduce our contributions to the climate crisis and model to our neighbors how we can reduce our footprint.


But how do we leverage our personal efforts to the larger social transformation we need to address the climate crisis? There are a variety of ways we can work together to make societal change.


Some approaches involve changing governmental policy. Bold local, state, and national legislators are beginning to craft the kind of legislation we need - big sweeping policy agendas and in-the-weeds-but-critical regulatory and program pieces of the puzzle. And lots of lobbyists are working to stop them. Make sure your legislator is hearing more from people like you who want to see urgent action from government to address the climate crisis than from the industry lobbyists working to delay and block action.

Others approaches target corporations directly. Our power as consumers can be considerable - not just by individually buying green, but by collectively demanding that corporations act responsibly. One such opportunity is the effort to stop the financing of fossil fuels by the same companies that bank our money and issue our credit cards:

Keep fossil fuels in the ground 

The science is clear. If we burn all of the oil and gas and coal that the fossil fuel companies have identified already, the earth is toast. We need to keep it in the ground. Support Keep It In The Ground campaigns to stop the bank lending and government subsidies that support the drilling, fracking and mining and stop construction of the pipelines and other infrastructure to transport fossil fuels from the mines and wells.


Governmental policy is another critical tool to support that larger transformation.

Stop the LNG Bomb (time critical action)

Fossil fuel corporations want to build twenty huge facilities to export Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) around the world. The climate emissions from these will undo all the progress the US has made since 2005 and equal all of Europe's emissions.  

Write a letter to encourage  the Biden administration to Stop the LNG Bomb today.

Green New Deal


The Green New Deal is an ambitious framework for a nationwide mobilization to convert the United States' toxic and climate threatening fossil fuel economy into a cleaner more sustainable economy. It is based on the understanding that not only do we need to shift technologies, but we need to insure that workers are protected in the transition and center this move around justice an equity.  

Read more about the Green New Deal from the Sierra Club,  and Bernie Sanders  

Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez video (8 min) and the Grandmothers for A Green New Deal video (17 min) explaining the Green New Deal and its context.

The THRIVE Act is an exciting large scale national effort to realize the ambitions and vision of the Green New Deal to address climate with equity.


E-bikes & related active transportation

We have compiled a listing of key federal and state legislation to support the purchase and use of e-bikes and to encourage (and make safer) all alternatives to fossil fueled cars.

Electrifying buildings

Ways you can support important legislation to support converting buildings from gas to all electric and putting renewables on homes and other buildings is coming here soon.

Contact us through the form below if you would like us to notify you when we add or update the opportunities to help move important legislation OR if you have legislation you would like to see included here.

Act for tranformative policies
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