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Now What??

Owner's Guide to the care & feeding of your ebike

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How to ride & take care of your ebike:

Security - Don't lose that new bike:

Ride & Care

Stories & Blogs Tales from riders about what it is like to ride an e-bike and how it can change your life, as well as blogs about maintaining and upgrading your bike and about policies to help more people get on e-bikes. Plus ways you can help share your story 

FAQ Our growing collection of the questions people ask: Cost? Rebates?  Good or the environment? How far & how fast? What about theft? Is it cheating?

SF Regional

San Francisco Bay Area info - where can I ride? (& park)

​To find info on where you can ride - and places to safely park and what transit you can take your e-bike on, see the San Francisco Bay Area e-bike info page​

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