Emissions from burning gas to move us and our stuff around are a huge piece of the climate crisis. Lots of good work is going into electric cars. But we can't solve the climate crisis fast enough with electric cars alone. E-bikes (electric bicycles) can give us big climate gains that we need fast while we work on the longer project of trading gas cars for electric.

Add a small electric motor to a bicycle to help you pedal and you get an amazing machine that is:

  • Impressively efficient - from 1000 to 4000 MPGe (Compare to a gas car at 10-30 mpg. 20 times more energy efficient than electric cars & 30-100 times more miles per pound of battery)

  • Climate friendly (at least 70 times as far as a gas fueled car per pound of CO2 emissions)

  • Great at climbing hills, beating headwinds, hauling kids & loads and tackling long commutes (and keeping up with more athletic friends)

  • Good for your health - but won't make you sweat (unless you want to)

  • Cheap to ride (less than a penny a mile to charge the battery) & no parking fees.

  • Safer in traffic thanks to the extra power boost

  • Easy to park (up to 10 regular e-bikes fit into one car parking slot)

... and lots of fun (you feel bionic).

Curious about what an e-bike is?  Check out E-bike 101 to understand how they work.

Considering buying an e-bike? Or recently bought one?  Check out our Buyers Guides and factsheets to help you buy, outfit, ride, protect, and care for an e-bike.

Think e-bikes are too expensive?  Check out these Incentive Programs to help people buy or borrow e-bikes.

Want to take action to support e-bikes?  Act now to support policies and Legislation in US, state, and federal legislatures to help people afford e-bikes. Take a look also at the Incentive Programs  If there is one in your area, see how you can help promote its use. If not, use these as models to design one for your city or state.

Converting a government or corporate fleet to electric vehicles? Learn how cities and companies are using e-bike fleets as a no-sweat way for employees to get to meetings and inspections, deliver packages, do maintenance and much more, with larger reductions in climate emissions per mile while saving big on capital and operating expenses.   

Are you a planner, legislator, or advocate looking for better ways to reduce car usage and save the climate? Learn about why e-bike programs are effective and get ideas from the range of policy options and program designs being used to help people get out of their cars on to two (or three) electric assisted wheels

Curious about how much difference e-bikes make?  How efficient are e-bikes? Do people actually replace their cars? And what happens to stores when you replace car parking with bike lanes? Find out what the Studies say.

Already own an e-bike and want to find out how efficient yours is?  Get bragging rights about your bike's high efficiency by joining the citizen science E-Bike Monitoring Project


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